sábado , 25 mayo 2024
Iván Hernández Carrillo, secretario general de la Asociación Sindical Independiente de Cuba.

ILO approves ASIC’s complaint against the Cuban government

Miami, Mar. 24 (GIRSCC) – The Governing Body of the International Labor Organization (ILO) overwhelmingly approved the report of the Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA) concerning Case No. 3271 of the Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba (ASIC) against the Government of Cuba for violation of the fundamental right to freedom of association, representation and collective bargaining.

Apart from the Cuban regime’s protest, which was to be expected, all votes were in favor.

The ILO Governing Body is the highest governing body of that organization, second only to the International Labor Conference, and is composed of 28 governments representing all continents, 14 employers’ members and 14 workers’ members, also representing all regions of the world.

The social actors members of that Council, Employers and Workers, rejected the Government’s arguments and regretted that it has never implemented the recommendations that the CLS has been demanding from it since 2018, and on the contrary it continues to violate trade union freedom by not legally recognizing ASIC, so that it can freely carry out its activities as a legitimate workers’ organization.

The approved report places special emphasis on urgently demanding the Cuban government to cease all forms of pressure, harassment and arbitrary arrests against union leaders and independent activists, demanding the cessation of repression and identifying by name and surname all leaders and activists of independent trade unionism who have suffered repression by the regime. 

Among its recommendations, the Committee «once again strongly urges the Government to guarantee the recognition of the Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba (ASIC), as well as its free functioning and exercise of trade union activities» and «strongly hopes that the Government will fully guarantee ASIC leaders adequate protection against any act of interference in their trade union activities, including in the context described by the Government.»

On the other hand, it urges the Cuban government to «refrain from unduly restricting the right of ASIC leaders and members to freely organize and exercise their trade union activities» inside and outside the Island, and fully guaranteeing their freedom of movement.

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