domingo , 21 julio 2024

May Day Statement

To all workers from Cuban and the World:

On this May 1, the Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba (ASIC) sends its fraternal greetings to all workers.

In the midst of a year marked by a complex socioeconomic situation, following the impact of COVID-19, which has hit the world and our country, we express our recognition to health workers anywhere in the world, who every day demonstrate their commitment to do everything in their power to save lives.

We also pay tribute to our workers, both those who continue to work in the midst of the pandemic and those who have unfortunately lost their livelihoods and those of their families, not to mention those who have died from the deadly disease.

On this date, we renew our commitment to work so that the effects of the economic and social crisis, aggravated by the Tarea Ordenamiento —an incoherent package of totalitarianism, through which the regime tries to achieve the viability of the socialist model and which has shot up inflation rates, devalued the national currency and increased shortages to alarming levels— do not continue affecting workers and the most vulnerable sectors of society in such a severe way.

On the other hand, we share our satisfaction for the transcendental fact that the Governing Body of the International Labor Organization approved the report of the Committee on Freedom of Association concerning Case 3271 of ASIC against the Cuban regime for the systematic violation of the right to freedom of association, representation and collective bargaining, constituting an indisputable success and of great relevance in the work we carry out despite the constant siege from the regime’s repressive forces and the possibilities of going to jail.

Within this framework, we request foreign investors to include in any type of economic activity on the Island a union labor clause that reflects respect for the labor rights contemplated in international labor standards.

We ratify our commitment with the workers’ struggles and demand to the dictatorship:

  • To recognize the right of workers to strike and to collective bargaining.
  • To repeal Decree-Law #30 which penalizes alleged tariff and price violations aimed directly against non-state workers.
  • To allow the legalization and operation of free unions.
  • To cease the persecution, harassment and bullying of self-employed workers and independent trade unionists, and allow them to work freely.
  • To comply with the Conventions contracted with the International Labor Organization and accept the recommendations formulated by the Committee on Freedom of Association in Case 3271.

We demand the vital importance of the right to freedom of association in a framework of respect for international standards in order to put an end to the continuous violations of Conventions 87 and 98 on freedom of association and the right to the protection of this right.

Finally, we reiterate our congratulations to all the workers, especially to Cubans to whom we urge to join ASIC for the defense of their own trade union and labor rights.

Long live International Labor Day!

Long live the Cuban workers!

Long live ASIC!

Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba (ASIC). 
Affiliated to the Alternativa Democrática Sindical de las Américas (ADS).

Havana, Cuba, April 30, 2021.